Regentis-Pharma : Innovation serving Better Living

Based on more than 30 years in matrikines (synthetic peptide derived from extracellular matrix and able to stimulate tissue regeneration), Regentis Pharma is the EU leader in discovery of synthetic peptides in tissue regeneration.

Regentis Pharma is a spin-off of Reims Champagne Ardennes University and the SFR-Cap Santé incorporated in 2008.  Regentis Pharma is an innovative biotechnology company specialized in the development and marketing of treatment-related to tissue regeneration. The expertise of Regentis Pharma is the discovery of synthetic bifunctional peptides in tissue regeneration for cosmetic, medical device & pharmaceutical applications.

Regentis Pharma aims to collaborate with partners in order to develop together new medical devices. Regentis-Pharma’s business model is to license innovative bifunctional peptide to private partners focused on dermo-cosmetic and/or medical device applications which track record / Businesses are especially focused on pathology product development/trading (periodontal diseases, severe burns or diabetic foot ulcers).

The expertise of Regentis-Pharma is the discovery of synthetic peptides in tissue regeneration for cosmetic, medical device & pharmaceutical applications.

Cutaneous wound healing

Régentis-Pharma develops medical devices able to decrease inflammatory reaction and to improve the quality of wound healing.

Periodontal diseases

Our laboratory investigates a better efficacy for treatments of periodontal diseases: gingivitis and periodontitis.


Régentis-Pharma is currently developing an innovative anti-aging cosmetic product which is now part of a human clinical trial.

Our attendance to the Pierre Fabre Open Innovation Day

Regentis Pharma has been selected by Pierre Fabre Laboratories to attend their Open Innovation Day, on June 21st, in the Oncopole in Toulouse, France. This event, called “Day One”, had for purpose to work on future medicines. Regentis-Pharma has been selected to be one of the 10 lucky start-ups (on 200 appliants) allowed to present their […]


Coming soon : First clinical trial for a anti-ageing dermocosmetic product

It’s our first innovative development, and its clinical trial is about to be launched in early September, on more than 30 healthy volunteers. A skin cream containing the innovative peptide developped by Regentis-Pharma is about to be tested on more than 30 volunteer women with deep wrinckles. This anti-ageing product will be applied twice a day for […]


Our debrief on SupBiotech Conference : the stakes of dermocosmetic R&D

In 2015, SupBiotech organized a conference about the R&D evolutions in the Dermo-cosmetological field. What will be Dermo Cosmetoogy in 10 years ? Which kind of innovations are expected ? How to satisfy the consumers’ expectations about safety and ecological responsability ? This event provided useful answers. France is leader on the Cosmetics market 80 % […]