Our attendance to the Pierre Fabre Open Innovation Day

Regentis Pharma has been selected by Pierre Fabre Laboratories to attend their Open Innovation Day, on June 21st, in the Oncopole in Toulouse, France. This event, called “Day One”, had for purpose to work on future medicines.

Regentis-Pharma has been selected to be one of the 10 lucky start-ups (on 200 appliants) allowed to present their projects, in a confidential meeting with the R&D teams of Pierre Fabre Group.

« Alike the Pierre Fabre Fund for Innovation settled in early 2016, Day ONE is an Open Innovation initiative, to accelerate the development of new projects, currently in key phases of the value chain. We had the chance to meet local and national innovative small treasures, and to think about successful partnerships», said Laurent Audoly, Pierre Fabre Medicine R&D Chief Manager.

This day brought together over 300 innovators, in the fields of oncology, dermatology and onco-dermatology. This event allowed us to present ou projects and to share with many R&D stakeholders, on medical and dermocosmetic research : a stimulating highlight, potentially leading to a partnership between Pierre Fabre and Regentis-Pharma !