Product for chronic wound healing

Régentis-Pharma is currently developing an innovative medical device for the treatment of chronic wound healing in patients affected by leg ulcers.

Dermo-cosmetic product

Cutaneous ageing is defined by a more or less significant imbalance of the mechanisms controlling the synthesis and degradation of the ECM of the dermis.

It is characterized by a reduction in the synthesis of matrix proteins (collagen, elastin, etc.) combined with an increase in the enzymes responsible for their degradation: the Matrix MetalloProteinases (MMP). This imbalance leads to several aged characteristics such as drying out of the skin, slackening of the skin (due to less dermal elasticity) and wrinkles apparitions.

To offer a solution against these problems linked to the cutaneous aging and to scientifically demonstrate the efficacy of its innovative product, Regentis-Pharma currently realize a multicentre, randomized, controlled and double-blind clinical trial on more than thirty volunteers women with pronounced wrinkles. These volunteers use the anti-aging product twice a day during 28 days.

Preliminary results have already exhibited a significate moisturizing effect compare to the same cream without active ingredient. This moisturizing effect has been demonstrated in a statistically significant way from 4 hours after the application of the aforementioned cream.

Fig: Effect of Regentis-Pharma’s product on the moisturizing of women with a 3 times higher gain 4 hours after the first application and with a 6.5 times higher gain 8 hours after application compare to the cream without active ingredient.